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Avoid the baby blues, feel strong and be the happy mum you want to be.

Support your postpartum recovery both physical
and mental well-being.

Connect with your baby

Your body holds the key to your postpartum recovery and overall well-being.

If someone had delivered my placenta to me during that challenging postnatal period, it would have made a world of difference
for both me and my
sick daughter

When I was pregnant with my third baby, I had twin toddlers at home and worked as a doula. One day, I had a conversation with a new mum who explained how she froze her placenta and cut little bits off each day to take like a pill. This idea appealed to me because I wanted the benefits of consuming the placenta but couldn’t bring myself to cook it.

When my baby was born, she was very ill and had to stay in the special care nursery. It was a tough time for me. I had to go home without her. A couple of times I attempted to cut and consume bits of the frozen placenta, but it was overwhelming and off-putting, and I eventually gave up.

Reflecting on it now, if someone had picked up my placenta and delivered my capsules and tincture to me during that heartbreaking time it would have been incredible. I was in such deep grief and trying to care for my twins and my sick newborn that I couldn’t even think about my own recovery.

I can still cry thinking about the difference it could have made for both me and my daughter.

This is why I’m passionate about making it easier for others to access this unique form of medicine no matter what your circumstances are.

Hi, I’m Anna

I have been offering placenta encapsulation services since 2012. My goal is to help new mums to feel strong, confident and happy.

I know you hold a cherished dream for your birth and you’re not sure if it will go the way you planned.   You have heard stories of other new mums struggling over the early days and weeks after birthing their baby.   Many of you suffer from anxiety and periods of depression and are worried about Post Natal Depression.

No matter what kind of birth you have, placenta encapsulation can play an enormous role in the fulfillment of your dream of motherhood by replenishing your feel-good hormones. It takes around two years to fully recover from birth. I want to support your physical recovery as well as your mental well-being and your connection to your baby.

I consider myself a vital part of your support team. You don’t need to worry about anything. I will be there very soon after your baby arrives to take care of your amazing placenta for you. I treat your placenta with the utmost care and safety and return your beautiful package to you quickly so that you can reap the benefits before you experience the post-natal hormone drop that leads to the baby blues. I love offering this wonderful service. IT WORKS!

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You don’t have to struggle

What other mums say

I got my second child’s placenta encapsulated by Anna after getting post-natal depression with my first. My partner would know if I hadn’t taken my capsule for the day – it made such a difference to my day. The care in which it was presented and treated was also so appreciated. Thanks, Anna
Bess Meredith
I was very worried about post-natal depression and had heard of the benefits of placenta encapsulation.
I felt emotionally very stable post-birth and didn’t experience baby blues which I think was helped by my placenta pills. I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy seeing the photo of my placenta and having a piece of it to keep. I feel grateful for Anna’s care of my placenta, so I can treasure this thing that helped grow my baby and kept us connected. It would have been sad for it to end up in medical waste.
Amy Colbert
Anna made capsulesfirst-time from my placenta for me. I loved the pickup & delivery service – not having to organise drop-off was one less thing to worry about. I also enjoyed finding the cord, membranes & placenta print included – I wasn’t expecting them. I’m a first time Mum, so I don’t have another post-partum experience to compare it to, but my mood has been far more stable and my energy levels are definitely better than I thought they’d be. I also haven’t had any issues with breast milk production. Will definitely be using this
service again 🙂

Watch the video

Exploring Placenta Encapsulation: A Glimpse into the Process

I created this video in 2014! It gives a great overview of the benefits of placenta encapsulation as well as a glimpse into the process of creating placenta packages. Enjoy!

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