Stories from happy mums



Avoid the baby blues, feel strong and be the happy mum you want to be.

Casey, Melton West

“I have to say I’m 100% happy with my decision to encapsulate my placenta! I didn’t do this with my first baby and I was hit hard with fatigue and baby blues but this time I’ve by-passed both of these issues and I put it down to the capsules 100%.

I haven’t felt the sudden drop of hormones sending me into an emotional wreck and I’m surprisingly getting through every day without naps as I have a toddler to entertain and don’t at all feel low in energy. I can actually feel when I haven’t taken them!

I also didn’t get the painful after birth uterus contraction while breastfeeding once I’d started taking the capsules, my milk came in sooner this time and I have an adequate supply.

I loved the letter you enclosed with a picture and I think the package as a whole and service is amazing you did a great job and thank you so much for being so quick with getting it back to me 🙂.”


Marta Weaver, Milgrove VIC

“I am glad I have chosen your service. Everything was beautifully made and I couldn’t be more happy with your service. I really appreciated the reading you provided me as it helped me ‘heal’ from my long and hard labour. It was not what I was expecting but I really gave it everything and did everything I can. And I feel so bless everyday to have a beautiful daughter cone into the world safe and happy. So thank you from the bottom of my heart x”

“I have been taking the placenta capsules since the birth of my third child who is now nearly 5 months old, and I cannot brag about them enough. The speed with which my body recovered has been fantastic. I have been feeling incredible since giving birth and unlike my previous two births, I haven’t had any postnatal blues/depression.

I have actually been losing weight, and I have long and healthy nails for the first time ever. I just wish I had known about Anna’s encapsulating services when I had my first child. Once again, thank you so so much Anna.”

LJ, Ascot Vale

“I really feel like the placenta capsules helped me with a faster recovery after the emergency c-section/episiotomy and also helped with my milk production. I also didn’t suffer any baby blues and actually considering the stress we had been under with Rhys being in special care for a week people remarked how well I looked.

I really feel that a combination of nutritious organic food, your placenta capsules, homeopathic remedies and reiki all supported my body in a pretty miraculous recovery. The tincture is also fantastic. Thank you!

My favourite part of the package was seeing a photo of my placenta and having the reading. It helped me to connect with the awe of what my body had done (which was very healing as I had felt like a failure for ending up with a CBAC and not a vaginal birth) and connect to my baby.”

Brooke, Malvern East

“I found the tablets to be amazing. It was a wonderful first 7 weeks, not only was Annabel quite a settled baby but I felt good and I was very calm and feeling good inside which helped me enjoy those first few weeks. Emotionally it was wonderful. It was well and truly worth it because I can honestly say that. Could look back at those first few weeks and say that I loved every minute of it which was quite different to my first child.”

Nicky, Pip, Buckley and baby Flora – Thornbury

“I’ve had a great recovery! I think the capsules played a big part in a very cruisy postnatal period – I was very up and down with my first child, but this time have been stable and optimistic and with bucket loads of milk. You gave us such a lovely package, we really appreciated the care you put into it.”

Simone, Ringwood

“Motherhood is amazing – I am really enjoying it very very much. I can honestly say, I haven’t been emotional, I have been thoroughly happy and positive – despite 2 months of broken sleep and I would say for the most part I am in 4th or 5th gear.

I have recommended your services to others – even some ladies in the cafe today who said I was glowing… So thanks again.”

Chloe, Thornbury

“The placenta pills have been great – thank you for the beautiful package! I was a bit slack in taking them in the first few weeks – kept forgetting but then I got sick with a dreadful cold so I began taking them religiously every day and they helped me recover quickly.

Everyone has been commenting on how radiant and healthy I look post baby so I’m putting it down to the placenta pills! My milk supply has been very good and I also recently got my iron levels checked and they are perfect despite losing a lot of blood during labour.

I will definitely be recommending your services to all the pregnant women I know.

Thanks very much 🙂.”

Simone, Derimut

“The capsules arrived at the right time as I’d had a bit of a teary day the day before, not for any apparent reason just broke into tears a lot, I guess it was the hormones. As soon as I started taking the capsules this stopped so I really believe they greatly assisted in balancing me out.

Considering the irregular sleep because I’m breastfeeding, I feel reasonably good. I’m not sure when I stopped taking the pain medication that I got on discharge from the hospital but I’m obviously not having any issues with that either.

I would definitely recommend anyone having a baby consider placenta encapsulation. I know they have absolutely helped with my hormone levels and possibly the fact that I’m losing my baby belly fairly quickly as well as don’t have any health issues (so no side effects either) may be due to taking the capsules.

Thanks for the print and the umbilical heart too, they are lovely and we’ll be framing the print.”

Rouba, Epping

“Life with a new baby is great. I am loving the newborn stage so much more this time. I love, love, love my placenta pills. We call them my happy pills. It’s such a different experience with these pills. With my first, I cried every single day for weeks. I was a mess all the time and so fragile physically, mentally and emotionally. I haven’t cried once this time even though it’s so much harder with 2 kids under 2.

My husband has noticed a huge difference. I am so connected with my daughter Ava. I am so in sync with her it surprises me. I am full of energy even with little sleep, breastfeeding has been so easy this time and milk is a plenty. My girl is 8 weeks old, was born 3.5kg and is a very healthy 6kg now. I’m so proud that I have been able to nourish her to this perfect little chubby human.

My skin has been amazing, it was so dry last time I had blotches on my face. I feel happy all the time, its hard to explain its like I’m still on that amazing high you feel after childbirth. My uterus contracted so fast this time. My treating team couldn’t believe how well it contracted. After birth bleeding stopped in 3 weeks with a bit of spotting afterwards. I had a heavy bleeding last time for 6 weeks.

Thank you so much for making a difference to my life as I take on this role as a mother of 2 beautiful girls.”

Liz, Clifton Hill

“All I can say is WOW, I have had a wonderful post baby experience and to test it out I didn’t take any capsules for two days just to see how much it impacted how I felt and energy levels. It made enough difference that I couldn’t wait to start taking them again!!!!!!!

THANK YOU I am looking forward to also reaping the benefits of the tincure too. I will be doing this again with any future babies.”

Danielle, Coburg

“The placenta capsules are amazing. when I received your package it took my breath away. I wasn’t expecting the print, cord keepsake or letter. My birth was extremely traumatic and everything you felt from the placenta was spot on. I was so emotional I couldn’t see it through the tears. When I take the pills i feel a happy buzz, I feel my mind is clear and alert and my motherly instincts are heightened. My midwife laughs that I am like a mother tiger. I would love to send you a more detailed story in a few weeks time xxxx“.

Emily MacIntosh, St Kilda

“My placenta had been frozen for several months at this time, yet Anna was able to breathe new life into her by encapsulating and making a tincture. Something my daughter and I both take in times of discomfort or distress; it balances us and soothes us. It’s a rescue remedy designed especially for us! The beautiful print that came along with it, sealed with my darling’s umbilical cord is something we will treasure forever.

I recommend placenta en-capsulation to all new mammas and in particular, Anna’s services, such a wonderful gift to give to yourself and child.”

Susie Cabbie, Hawthorn East

“Anna did a truly beautiful job of encapsulating my placenta. I love the placenta imprint, the umbilical cord bracelet and the description of her experience of working with my placenta, it all felt very special and personal. It was great to see a photo of it as well as I had not had a chance to look at it after the birth, something I wish I had done.

I started taking the capsules which I received a few days after the birth, I found they really helped slow the bleeding down and I had a general feeling of comfort and wellbeing. I would highly recommend getting your placenta encapsulated; do this for yourself and your baby’s health.”

Donnamarie, Epping

“I can’t recommend the services of Opening To Life highly enough, the sensitivity, understanding and depth given by Anna Urbanski was astounding and received with such gratitude. It is rare in life to find a soul who has the courage to connect on such a deep level, a being who is prepared to give of themselves so completely to the work they are doing that that work itself, truly becomes a gift.

Anna’s ability to connect through the placenta to both the mother and the child has a beauty all it’s own, the way she honors the journey of the two souls involved, her gentleness, her openness and her ability to hold the energy of mother and baby with such reverence have created for me the belief that Anna is the link so many women have been longing for.

I and my family feel blessed for having experienced this journey, the benefits will continue way into our children’s future, supporting them, protecting them, nurturing them with the sacredness of this ancient and beautiful medicine.”

Louise, Melton

“I really feel like the placenta capsules helped me with a faster recovery after the emergency c-section/episiotomy and also helped with my milk production. I also didn’t suffer any baby blues and actually considering the stress we had been under with Rhys being in special care for a week people remarked how well I looked.

My favourite part of the package was seeing a photo of my placenta and having the reading. It helped me to connect with the awe of what my body had done (which was very healing as I had felt like a failure for ending up with a CBAC and not a vaginal birth) and connect to my baby. Many Thanks”


Jess, Laverton

“I’m so glad I sent my placenta to you for encapsulation I definitely feel it boosted my energy levels and replenished my body well after the long labour I had. After a long history of strong emotions associated with hormonal change I was very nervous about how I’d cope after the birth but with the capsules I’ve been absolutely fine. My favourite part of the package is the photo and the letter where you told me how healthy my placenta was. The dried sac I plan to plant in the garden under a mother daughter rose that I was given when my daughter was born thank you for checking in with me and for your great service!”


Katrina, Brunswick East

“Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did. Every time I look at the umbilical cord I get so emotional. I didn’t realize it came with the package and didn’t realize the impact it would have in a good way! My mum wants to frame the print of the placenta.”

Trisha, Nunawading

“Wow thanks so much for the tincture !! I added it to my older sons water this arvo and they got over a cold they had. My favorite part of the package was the report of the placenta as it showed so much care and correct intuition. the pills were life-saving and my milk came in with 24hours of taking them. his sac is still with the package I’m not sure what I Will do with it. seems important to keep it for him.”

Tina, St. Kilda

“Tincture feedback – miracle work!

I thought I ought to write to give you this little update. Leo (now 7 months) has had a cold this week. Been quite uncomfortable and teary. The other day he woke from his nap screaming and in so much discomfort. We gave him a tiny amount of tincture- 5 drops in water the change was instantaneous! He stopped crying and cuddled into us. About a minute later he was asleep, and he had another 30 mins or so before waking up in a much better mood.

We’ve used the tincture a couple of times since in the same way with the same result. As soon as it’s down his throat he relaxes sooo much! Totally amazing.”

Trisha, Essendon

“Dear Anna, I have recently read through the letter enclosed with the capsules you provided, I had my baby in November. The capsules were great and baby and I are doing great which I attribute to the capsules. In the beginning, it felt me keep my down periods to a minimum. I knew if I missed taking them on any given day as I could feel the low creeping up, so a very big thank you.

The reason I am contacting you is regarding the feeling you go when handling my placenta. I am only reading it again today and can’t believe how spot on you were. My deepest gratitude fro your assistance during my special time xxx.”

Hannah, Greensborough

“Thank you so much for encapsulating my placenta and the beautiful print and reading and getting it all to me so quickly! The capsules really helped to bring my milk in and with energy levels. Seeing the photo of my placenta was amazing and so emotional.
I know my husband rang you the evening of the birth and all was going smoothly until our little baby boy ended up in the special care unit the next morning after the bumpy birth where he lacked oxygen towards the end. He stayed in special care for a week but we were able to be with him. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I feel like the placenta pills helped me stay focused on being calm throughout it all so that my milk would come in and I could feed him. I don’t think I’ve ever been so focused in my life! It has also helped with recovery from the emergency c-section and episiotomy I had (I had a bit of everything) as I was so close to having a VBAC!”

Cass, Sunshine

“I was not sure when I ordered the capsules if I would actual notice any change in myself or difference. But I am very emotional person and have suffered with anxiety all my teenage and adult life to date, there is also a strong presence of mental health issues and depression on my side of my family, this I have been lucky to avoid. So I was very conscious as was my husband of deterring PND.

I have to say the capsule have amazed both me and my husband. Originally we thought we would try it because it was a small amount to loose in the scheme of things if it had not effect , but we both agree that it’s an amazing added benefit to a new mum. Even my husband raves about them and he is very conservative so this really took me by surprise.

I have loved how relaxed and content I feel, the biggest noticeable difference that everyone has commented on is the clarity in my skin and my energy. For me personally it’s been how good I feel, no tears, no anxiety. I just think they have been my savior.

This combined with a wonderful husband has made my experience a joy over these last 9 weeks. I have just also given you details to another lady in hawthorn Manika who is due and she owns an organic grocery store. I ate very cleanly during my pregnancy and believe all these little things combined with the capsuals has increased my wellness and in turn I have a really happy and content baby that sleeps and dose not cry too often.

We absolutely attribute his relaxed and content nature to the goodness going back into me and flowing into him.”

Trisha, Nunawading

“Hi Anna, many thanks! I just found my letter, it was in with my other birth notes I really love that image of my placenta! And would you believe it, my son is EXACTLY how you described the energy of the placenta!

Very strong character (he’s a charmer!), strong willed, and very very determined! He started walking at 11months haha

He’s also a very happy boy, always laughing, smiling and giggling puts a smile on everyone’s faces, even strangers! That’s usually the first thing people say about him “he’s such a happy boy”
And i thought I’d let u know, I hurt my back a few weeks ago where the pain was utterly excruciating.

I had a light bulb moment and decided to take some of my placenta tincture. Within 10 minutes my back pain had subsided significantly and I started feeling so much better than before!
Must be all those powerful stem cells within the placenta working their magic!”

Juliana, Doncaster

“As this is my first baby, I’ve no idea what ‘normal’ is post-partum. The first week after giving birth was very emotional which is to be expected with the flood of hormones. I really do think that taking the capsules from day 6 helped to keep my emotions in check and keep me energised through the exhausting months with a newborn.

I coped surprisingly well with the 3 hourly feeds for our first 8 or so weeks (my son was 4 weeks early so helping him gain weight was crucial) and put this down to the placenta capsules. Also, I had blood tests following my 6 week check-up with my Doctor and my iron levels were perfect. I had to take an iron supplement from 6 months pregnant as my levels were low, however post-partum, thanks to the capsules, my levels were perfect! People commented how well I looked and I also returned to my pre-pregnancy weight within 6 weeks.

I was so impressed with the parcel when I opened it – I could feel the love and care that had been boxed. I also appreciate your comments about my placenta being ‘light and simple, like a crystal light’. My son was much desired, we’d taken 12 months to conceive and had commenced the IVF process when I became pregnant naturally, which was unexpected but totally thrilling. My pregnancy was uncomplicated and relatively ‘easy’ for me. I meditated nightly and focused on love and light, particularly the colours of the rainbow and hypnobirthing – and crystal light emits rainbow colours – so this felt very fitting. I really appreciate your service. With love”.

Uma, Northcote

“I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful encapsulation. The reading you did brought tears to my eyes – thank you so much for your tender care with our placenta and bringing your loving energy working with it. xxx”

Mary, Deer Park

“Ever since I gave birth I feel great and I haven’t had mood swings. My hair is not falling as I was told it would, I lost my baby belly (though the skin still needs to thin out) and my milk supply is if anything on the high side. I can’t tell if the placenta capsules are the reason for all of this, since I don’t know otherwise, but there is a good chance it is at least partially the reason why I have been doing so great.”

Maggie, Coburg

“Dear Anna, I am taking placenta capsules everyday. First few days after I gave birth, I suffered from severe anemia, and I couldn’t walk properly. But as soon as I started to take placenta, I started to feel better. This is my first baby so it is hard to compare to the case if I didn’t take them.

But what I can say is I don’t have any problem at all. I am breast feeding and my milk comes a lot and emotionally I am stable and always feel happy to know that I become a mum.”

Trisha, Nunawading

 “I have to tell you… Within the first day… I felt physical integrity return. Placenta consumption gave me an instant lift. Back up from the low heaviness I felt. It’s amazing how strong I feel again! Thank you for your powerful work Anna! I’ll be recommending you everywhere! It’s really something. Energetically I can feel it working in many ways. Very grateful! Xxxx love!”

Trin, Glen Waverley

“Thank you for the quick and fabulous work you did for us.
My husband and I really think there is something special & nourishing about taking the placenta caps and we have been raving about it to anyone that will listen. Many thanks!!”

Aashvi, Northcote

“Overall the whole birth process has given me a profound respect for my body & the service you offer – with the artwork etc – honours that feeling”.

Bethany, Fitzroy

“Life is truly blissful! I’m having so much fun, it’s been up and down but so magical. I’ve finished all the capsules. I felt they really help kick in the love hormone oxytocin, the first week without them I felt really distant and separated, but as soon as I started taking the capsules it all turned around majorly! I’ve never been so in love, and I felt that they really helped with breast feeding. I noticed when I forgot to take them in the morning because I would be feeling quite down and the capsules would help to lighten my spirit and get me thinking clearly again.
I would definitely recommend both the capsules and the tincture to anyone.”


Kate, Fitzroy

“Hi Anna, I am very well and so is Eleanor, it has been a very lovely 3 months. Physically and emotionally, the period since her birth has been an absolute dream.

My physical and emotional recovery was good. I experienced pain from the caesarean for the expected time, but now I feel quite good in my body. I receive a lot of compliments on how good I look too, I guess my skin is good and I don’t look as ragged as people expect a new mother to look!
Emotionally it has been really good.

It has been one of the happiest times of my life and the emotional difficulties I experienced during the pregnancy are gone. I have certainly been pretty blown away by how content and emotionally stable I have been.”

Love Georgia and Kendra, Hawthorn

“My daughter Kendra is 9 weeks old now – it has gone so fast!

Where to begin? We have been blessed with such a happy and calm baby. Sure, she has her moments, but in general she settles very well and rarely cries for “no reason”. In fact, she sleeps so well through the night I have to wake her for feeds! She took to breastfeeding very effortlessly, and was feeding strongly within an hour of her birth.

Just this week she has started singing along with me – she particularly likes to sing along when I sing a song that I wrote for her father. She must have heard me singing it in the womb, because I recorded it for my forthcoming album while she was inside me. She lifts up her little chin and makes long “ooh” sounds – it is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

I attribute a lot of Kendra’s happy personality to her drug-free birth, and also your beautiful placenta capsules, which helped me a lot in the first few weeks. I actually felt energetic – tired from the sleeplessness, but energetic in spirit.

While pregnant I had heard about the health benefits of placenta encapsulation, particularly for preventing post-natal depression. I wasn’t particularly fussed about any of the additional items when I booked your services, I was just interested in the capsules. I hadn’t given my placenta much thought throughout the pregnancy.

When we arrived home from the hospital, and I saw your precious gifts waiting for me on the doorstep, I was very surprised to feel an overwhelming swell of emotion about my placenta.

To see and hold Kendra’s precious umbilical cord… And your beautiful letter with a photograph of my placenta… And the placenta print… I wept. The placenta print is my favourite part of the package! I am going to get it framed. I love it so much! When I showed it to my cousin, she spontaneously broke into tears as well. I was very, very surprised to experience such a powerful energy around my placenta, and I am very grateful to you and your special work.

About 2 days after we came home from the hospital, by partner came down to the bedroom because he could hear both Kendra and I crying in our sleep (strangely, we were sleeping next to each other in the same position). I was having a dream that my placenta was being taken away from me, that it couldn’t be with me anymore, and I was saying goodbye and crying because I was going to miss my placenta. When Matthew woke me I could hear Kendra whimpering too, and picked her up to comfort her. I believe that I was sharing her dream – of letting go of the precious placenta that nourished her inside my belly, and welcoming this new experience of life on Earth. It was a tender moment. Your placenta work (the capsules and artwork) helped me to attune to the power of the placenta, and the intuitive connection that Kendra and I share.

Anna, thank you again for your beautiful work with my placenta. It was worth every penny. I cannot wait to have another baby and book your services again!” Blessings from the Goddess to you.