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Option 1: Immediate Benefits - Placenta Encapsulation

Optimise your post-natal experience with the immediate benefits of Placenta Encapsulation. This method involves cleaning, dehydrating, grinding, and encapsulating your placenta. Enjoy the powerful benefits right from the start. You can expect to receive between 120 to 180 capsules, a 2-3 month supply.

Option 2:  Immediate & Long-Term Benefits for Mother and Baby - Capsules and Tincture

Maximise the benefits with your Capsules and Tincture option. In addition to immediate advantages, a Placenta Tincture allows you to enjoy the medicinal properties of your placenta for years to come. This concentrated herbal extract is your personal remedy for various situations, from illness, mood stabilisation, and hormone balance to injury and fatigue.

For twins or multiple births, we have you covered as well, make an inquiry.

What You'll Receive:

1. Placenta Letter: A personalised letter with a photo and description of your remarkable placenta.
2. Placenta Photo: A digital quality photo of your amazing placenta emailed to you.
3. Placenta Print: An art-quality print of your placenta, giving you a unique keepsake and insight into its size and shape
4. Your Umbilical Cord: Is preserved and beautifully shaped to keep.
5. Placenta Sac: A part of the placenta sac for you to keep or plant.
6. Directions: Easy-to-follow instructions and ongoing phone or email support for any questions you may have.
7. Directions: Easy-to-follow instructions and ongoing phone or email support for any questions you may have.
8. Colour Booklet: 10 Scientific Facts About Placenta Encapsulation including personal and scientific accounts of the benefits of placenta encapsulation for you to keep or share.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers:

When you book our encapsulation, you'll also unlock discounts and special offers for pre and post-natal services from my recommended providers in Melbourne. Enjoy savings on massage, yoga, birth preparation, and birth support services.

For helpful tips on managing your placenta click here.

Pick-Up and Delivery Information:

We offer convenient pick-up and delivery services in the Melbourne Metro area. Please note that additional costs may apply to areas outside this region. Your placenta will be collected within 24 hours of birth and delivered within 3 days of receiving
your placenta.

1 review for Book your Placenta Encapsulation

  1. Kristy F

    Anna has encapsulated my placenta for the last three of my pregnancies and I absolutely swear by it. Despite the lack of sleep with a newborn, I have energy, my milk supply is great and my recovery post c section birth is going really well. When the hospital didn’t give me much information on how to collect the placenta, Anna was extremely helpful sorting it out for me so that I didn’t have to worry when I had just given birth. My pills were then prepared and delivered the next day. Very grateful for the beautiful service Anna provides.

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