10 Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation that Mums love the Best

Avoid the baby blues, feel strong and be the happy mum you want to be.

Top 10 Benefits of
Placenta Encapsulation

One of the things I love about placenta encapsulation is that every one of my clients reports wonderful benefits. It is not a hit or miss option. I love feeling so confident that I am providing a service that I can be sure will make a difference every time. Here are the top ten benefits that new mothers report back to me…


Glowing Skin – Many new mum’s report that their skin looks great…

“I receive a lot of compliments on how good I look too, I guess my skin is good and I don’t look as ragged as people expect a new mother to look!” Kate.

“INhave gotten many comments about how good I look having had a baby 4 weeks ago. My nails are growing much better than they did during pregnancy.” Vanessa

“I have loved how relaxed and content I feel, the biggest noticeable difference that everyone has commented on is the clarity in my skin and my energy.” Leone

“Everyone has been commenting on how radiant and healthy I look post baby so I’m putting it down to the placenta pills!“ Chloe


Great recovery – new mum’s feel good fast – especially compared to previous births.

“I’ve had a great recovery! I was very up and down with my first child, but this time have been stable and optimistic “ Nicole.

“I have recovered really well after having an episiotomy, spinal anaesthetic and forceps after a very long labour. I was quite teary for the first week, but picked up after that and have been feeling good ever since.” Hannah.


No baby blues! Soon after birth your hormone levels drop suddenly leading to a short term emotional drop in mood.

“I didn’t suffer any baby blues and actually considering the stress we had been under with Rhys being in special care for a week people remarked how well I looked.” L.J.

“The capsules arrived at the right time as I’d had a bit of a teary day the day before, not for any apparent reason just broke into tears a lot, I guess it was the hormones.  As soon as I started taking the capsules this stopped so I really believe they greatly assisted in balancing me out.” Simone.


Good energy – new mums are delighted not to feel exhausted.

“I haven’t felt the sudden drop of hormones sending me into an emotional wreck and I’m surprisingly getting threw everyday without naps as I have a toddler to entertain and don’t at all feel low in energy.” Casey

“ I definitely feel it boosted my energy levels and replenished my body well after the long labour I had. After a long history of strong emotions associated with hormonal change I was very nervous about how I’d cope after the birth but with the capsules I’ve been absolutely fine.” Jessica.

“I can honestly say, I haven’t been emotional, I have been thoroughly happy and positive – despite 2 months of broken sleep and I would say for the most part I am in 4th or 5th gear.” Simone.


No Post Natal Depression.

Baby blues are short term, feeling blue for a long time can be postnatal depression. Mum’s who have experienced this in the past are amazed to have a depression free post-birth experience.

“I love love love my placenta pills. We call them my happy pills. It’s such a different experience with these pills. With my first I cried every single day for weeks. I was a mess all the time and so fragile physically, mentally and emotionally. I haven’t cried once this time even though it’s so much harder with 2 kids under 2.” Rouba


Feeling Happy and enjoying new motherhood.

“I felt good and I was very calm and feeling good inside which helped me enjoy those first few weeks. I look back at those first few weeks and say that I loved every minute of it which was quite different to my first child.” Brooke.


Increased Milk Supply

“I was really struggling with breastfeeding and my baby was losing weight, as soon as I started taking the capsules noticed an improvement in my milk supply and I felt physically and mentally so much better since.” Karen

“I have a plentiful supply of milk and Kyle is putting on 60grams a day, this is over double the average amount, which is good as he was born quite small. “ Rebecca


Pain Relief

“I hurt my back a few weeks ago where the pain was utterly excruciating. I had a light bulb moment and decided to take some of my placenta tincture. Within 10 minutes my back pain had subsided significantly and I started feeling so much better than before! Must be all those powerful stem cells within the placenta working their magic!” Tina.


The package – women love their placenta package, print and keepsakes, it gives them a special feeling of how amazing birth is and connects them to the profound, spiritual and creative force that they have experienced growing and birthing their baby.

“When we arrived home from the hospital, and I saw your precious gifts waiting for me on the doorstep, I was very surprised to feel an overwhelming swell of emotion about my placenta.  To see and hold Kendra’s precious umbilical cord… And your beautiful letter with a photograph of my placenta… And the placenta print… I wept.  I love it so much!  When I showed it to my cousin, she spontaneously broke into tears as well.  I was very, very surprised to experience such a powerful energy around my placenta, and I am very grateful to you and your special work.” Georgia

“I really loved the feedback you gave from my placenta, as well as the cord keepsake and the beautiful placenta print you made. These will all be very special to keep as memories of this amazing time of my life.” Sarah Jane.

“I was so impressed with the parcel when I opened it – I could feel the love and care that had been boxed.” Alicia


Happy Husband – many husbands are not too sure about Placenta Encapsulation but are very happy to see happy wives…

“My husband thanks you greatly lol, I normally struggle with post natal depression, and have had no sign of it at all I am not tired I have energy and my recovery was a lot quicker than other people’s caesarean. Most importantly I feel sane and happy!!!!! Kallie

“I have to say the capsule have amazed both me and my husband. Originally we thought we would try it because it was a small amount to loose in the scheme of things if it had not effect , but we both agree that it’s an amazing added benefit to a new mum. Even my husband raves about them and he is very conservative so this really took me by surprise.

I have loved how relaxed and content I feel, the biggest noticeable difference that everyone has commented on is the clarity in my skin and my energy. For me personally it’s been how good I feel, no tears, no anxiety. I just think they have been my saviour.” Lyndsay

“My husband and I really think there is something special & nourishing about taking the placenta caps and we have been raving about it to anyone that will listen. Many thanks!!” Karen.