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I am so excited for you to be receiving the powerful medicine of your own placenta to support you to start your mothering strong and balanced. This is such an incredible opportunity to claim the amazing benefits for yourself. To book in please your make your selection via the link below. When your placenta is ready simply give me a call and I will arrange pick up.

Cost and timeframes

Your placenta will be picked up within 24 hours. Most placentas yield between 120 –180 capsules, a 2-3 month supply. The capsules will be delivered within 3 days of receipt of the placenta. The tincture will be posted back with special instructions and take 6 weeks to be ready to use. Find out more…


Choose your optimal package

Placenta Encapsulation, immediate benefits – $370

Capsules & Tinctures, immediate and long-term benefits – $495

Twins Placenta Encapsulation, immediate benefits – $555

Twing Capsules & Tinctures, immediate and long-term benefits -$742.50

Book online

When you book, you will have the option to pay in full or to pay a $50 deposit, for the remainder to be invoiced.

Book via email

Email me your details and I can process the booking for you at

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me

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What’s in your placenta package?

With any combination of services you choose, you will also receive:

Placenta Letter and Photo

I give my clients a letter with a photo and description of their amazing placenta!

Placenta Print

A print of your placenta created directly from your placenta on art quality paper for you to keep or frame. You get a real sense of the size and shape of your placenta from your unique and beautiful print.

Placenta cord keepsake

This is shaping and drying the cord for you to keep or plant.

Placenta sac

A part of the placenta sac for you to keep or plant. Read about why I send this to you here.


Easy to follow directions for you to refer to, along with any support you need via phone or email contact should you wish to ask any questions.

Discounts and offers

When you book your encapsulation you will receive discounts and offers for pre and post-natal services with my top recommended providers in Melbourne including; massage, yoga, birth preparation and birth support. Find out more…